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Tiny Habits®

As a licensed coach, I use Tiny Habits, created by Stanford professor BJ Fogg PhD, as it is grounded in science, easy to learn, and I have seen it have a great effect on people’s lives.

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Bad Habits

From eating foods we know we should not be eating to watching TV until the early hours of the morning, we all have behaviors we want to change. I will lead you through a proven strategy that will give you a greater sense of control over your own actions, building your resilience and capabilities for the future.

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Anxiety and stress

Emotions and behaviors are interlinked. Learn what your emotional needs are and how to get them met healthily as well as take control of the stressors in your life. I will guide you through learning how to break free from the grip of anxiety using well-proven processes that are easy to implement.

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Well-being Habits

Small steps for a better you.

A healthy, happier life does not have to be complicated. We are bombarded with how we should live our life and how we should look, act, and feel.

Let me take the pressure off and give you ways to implement habits for a better life, habits you want to do, easily, quickly, and without any judgment. If you feel exhausted and burnt out and suffer from stress and anxiety, or you are just looking to move forward and become a bit less stuck in your life, then this is where you can start doing that.

You already likely know what you should be doing physically, such as eating well, sleeping, and exercising, as we are bombarded with this sort of information daily, especially over the news and social media. You have probably also heard of gratitude and the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and finding the time to go out into nature to relax. You have likely been told that, if you manage all this, you will live an ideal and blissful life.

So, when you fail to fit all these things in, you feel like crap. Even worse, you might manage to fit them all in, but the pressure of keeping them up cancels out a lot of the positives in your life, and you start to question if you are doing things right. Other people seem to have it nailed down. So, you start asking yourself “what is wrong with me?” Though, don’t worry; this is a common self-reflection.

I will help you create the habits you want simply and easily. We will create new routines and get rid of undesirable ones. I will help you take control and show you what you need to do to develop a balanced, happy life.

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Emotions create behavior

If you ask someone with OCD or PTSD why they behave like they do, you will find out they are compelled by overwhelming emotions. These are extreme examples, but even our smaller actions and habits fill an emotional need. A lot of people struggle with the conflict between their emotional needs and their own logic. This conflict can be enough to make you want to tear your own hair out and go into a spiral of depression. Why this kind of knowledge is not taught to us at school defies my own logic.

Having a healthy, balanced life means fulfilling these needs. So, we will look a little at how your brain works and how to take more control of your emotions and meet your emotional needs healthily, on your terms, in order to achieve the life you want. Even better, the outcomes of exploring these understandings will not just make you more resilient, but they will also expand your emotional intelligence, in effect making you more secure and positively impacting the people in your life. This is not wishy-washy spirituality (though it does show they may have some good points). Rather, it is findings from science and a lot of first-hand experiences.

What you can learn

I work with with you and your needs so what you learn will be right for you.

This is some of what you can gain from working with me.

  • Grow your self esteem.

  • Eat smart without having to slave away at a fad diet.

  • Sleep soundly.

  • Move better without having to punish your body.

  • Relax more but not turn into a zen master, unless you want to.

  • Understand how your emotions work for better control of them.

  • Improve your emotional intelligence.

  • Grow your resilience.

  • Create healthy boundaries.

  • Develop better relationships.

  • Become more productive.

  • Center your beliefs and values.

  • Improve your energy level.

  • Feel in control.

  • Become happier.

Tiny Habits

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