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Teen Life Coaching

Would you like to

 Take charge of your own life, emotions, behaviours and future

Be listened to and supported like any other adult?

Make and achieve goals that are progressive and well thought through?

Learn and use the latest life tools that will last a lifetime?

There are two main priorities people look for when working with me.

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Image by Brooke Cagle

Emotional Social

Beating anxiety, stress and other unwanted emotions from exams and education.

Solving problems with friends and family.

Resolving negative self talk and beliefs.

Understanding others.

Making better relationships that are loving and fulfilling.

To feel secure within your self.

Balancing education, and personal life.

Becoming healthier

Growing resilient.

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Future Focused

Planning a career path

Deciding on education

Deciding what you want from life

Stopping procrastination

Achieving goals

Decisions on having a family

Defining values and beliefs

Your place in society.

Making environmental decisions.

Creating healthy habits.

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Working with me

As a life coach I will work in partnership with you, I am not a councilor so will only listen to so much of your life's problems before we start to tackle them. We will look at your views, opinions and aspirations with empathy and I will teach you the latest tools as we apply them to your life in a ways that you decide on. I often start with your wellbeing as there is no point planning a future if your present is a mess, lets get secure foundations in first. Working with me you will become empowered, have some aha moments and some fun along the way. Sessions are via Zoom and last an hour once a week.

My goal is for to achieve your aspirations with a bit of elegance and have an abundant positive future that meets your requirements not anyone else’s.

under 18?

Our discussions can be confidential.

But we need parental consent.

I do this via Zoom.

and a form.

Then I can start working for you.

Take the mature action.

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