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Stress Free Parenting Program

Stressed that your child does not speak to you, that your partner seams to be struggling, your child’s behavior seams illogical and frightening, do things seam to be spinning out of control and the pressure of holding the family together weighs on your shoulders so much you sacrifice time to look after yourself?

We know how hard it is to rase a secure family in the reality of the world we live in today which is why we are bringing together years of professional experience of supporting parents and their children in a affordable and easy to understand manner that will not take mountains of your time, with the added support from people who understand what you are going through.

Melinda Nelson


Melinda is a resiliency expert, life coach and motivational speaker. She is also 5-organ transplant patient as well as dedicated mother of 3 amazing children, one of which has the same critical condition she suffers from. Malinda shares her knowledge with an exceptional ability to inspire hope, cultivate growth, and create change on a truly meaningful and deep level. She teaches parents how to live more intentionally, overcome obstacles and gain motivation. Melinda specialising in working with parents with critically ill children to develop resilience, helping them navigate the extreme emotional turmoil of balancing self care on top of caring for their family, as well as the extreme pressures on time, money and day to day life. 

Gavin Taylor

Gavin Taylor and is a therapeutic childcare practitioner and life coach that specializes in working with people in their teens to 30’s. He has over 13 years of professional experience working with young people to overcome stress, fear and lack of direction. Gavin has worked with over 3,000 young people and over 2,000 adults break free from some of the most difficult starts to life, helping them gain positive direction. Gavin works presently with girls with trauma in a therapeutic residential setting, he has also coached a huge variety of others such as amputees, soldiers, startup professionals, PTSD victims, people with learning disabilities, university graduates and school children. Gavin works in a holistic person-centered manner, with a sense of fun and optimism while using the best of the latest professional understanding as a therapeutic parent.


As busy coaches and parents we often find it hard to reach as many parents as we would like, to give them our hard wone experience and understandings as well as the support you deserve. So that is why we have decided to build a course and community to reach as many parents in an affordable and time efficient manner as well as pulling together both of our wealth of knowledge from our different aspects of parenting.

Our program is for parents that see the fractures in their family unit and are driven to do something about it. Our program will help you overcome that stress and anxiety, learn to support your children and partner, as well as yourself with tried and tested techniques and understanding. Learn to manage the changing needs of your child as well as the needs of your whole family.

About Our Program

Our friend Professor BJ Fogg PhD of Stanford shows us in his research that emotions create behaviors, good or bad, which is why we are basing our 10 month program around meeting the prime emotional needs research shows every healthy human has and how that relates to a family situation. Understanding emotional needs of your family leads to a wealth of tools and techniques that are adaptable to your situation to create a better life.

 After the first month which concentrates on covering the base knowledge and getting you up and running with applying new tools and understandings immediately into your life situation each month be themed around one emotional need.

Things you will learn

  • How to cope with anxiety and stress.

  • Communication strategies to build your relationships back up with all your loved ones.

  • How to manage your time effectively to easy the pressure of pleasing everyone as well as looking after yourself.

  • You will learn about professional parenting strategies that are not prescriptive and are little known outside the professional care industry.

  • Tools to deescalate threatening situations.

  • To grow resilience for yourself and your family.

  • Explore and develop education and career paths, personal relationships, health both physical and mental as well lean to handle finances proactively.

  • You will learn about child development and what the needs of your child are now and in the future.

  • Develop your understanding of how our brains conflict with our primal needs and the modern-day expectations of modern society so you can help develop yourself and your child’s ability to become happy within yourselves.


As licensed Tiny Habits® coaches Melinda and Gavin will also teach you the best way to easily and effectively create positive new habits that stick.

The tuition is a mix of video and text explanations in manageable sections.


Personalized exercises and plans.

Each month have axcess to 2 live Q&A sessions a month.

Access masterclasses with guest hosts (as a founding member have priority questions).


Exclusive downloads of work sheets tools and information.

We Would Like to Invite you to Become Founding Members

As a Founding Member you will have the opportunity to shape our course around your needs and be a major part in our journey. You will be the first to receive exclusive updates and have priority support from Melisa and Gavin. We would like you not just to go through our course but to give active feedback and become the foundation of our community.

We will deliver 10 months of content in bite size manageable pieces and as a Founding Member you will be can pay per month at the exclusive one off rate of $24 a month, less than 50% of our intended market rate, with the option to cancel at any point.

This will help use not just fund the creation of quality content but also develop a program that meets your needs as a parent.

You have a money back guarantee if we fail to raise the funds we need, Not only that if we fail to deliver on time once we have our target amount you can claim you money back or  take the option of a  one to one coaching session with Melinda or Gavin.

This is a first come first served offer and once we hit our target membership amount or date, this offer will end.

Help shape our program,


and your families future.

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