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A positive future for you and your child

If you are feeling confused by your child’s choices and behaviors, have a heart wrenching feeling that your child is becoming more distant or worried about their academic and personal future, seeking out a quality mentor or coach for them is the best thing you can do. We all know the teenage years can be hard on both the young adult and their parents and with the present state of world the prospects for our children become more worrying than ever.

A study of more than 1,000 teens has found more than 25% of them did not have a role model to look up to. Rather than turning to teachers and parents for advice on careers, schoolwork or fitting in, nearly half of the children polled turned to YouTube instead.

70% of students report that they often or almost always feel stressed by their schoolwork.

78% of girls aged 17 are unhappy with their bodies.

Poor lifestyle choices and mental health is the leading facture in the top 5 leading causes of death in the world and it is a sad fact suicide is the second leading cause of death for people under 25.

A lot of young people are very aware of all this and it is becoming more common for them to seek help for themselves. Parents increasingly are also understanding the benefits of getting professional guidance for themselves and their children.

How I can help is by providing the latest professional techniques, understanding and support for my clients to increase their well-being, navigate the future and build resilience that lasts a lifetime.

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I work in partnership with young people as we consider their views, opinions and aspirations as I enables them to develop a clear working plan of were, they are and what they want to change. I support them as they develop and apply new skills and understandings in their lives which will boost their wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around them.

I also help you as a parent or care giver develop the tools to understand, communicate and support your child as well as yourself.

I have worked now for over 13 years in developing youth wellbeing and currently provide therapeutic parenting in a social care setting for young women, as well as the life coaching I provide to the public. I have helped people get into the top universities, get off drugs, fight depression and get over that difficult break up, I do have an advantage when it comes to these sort of things, I have ongoing training and am not their parent. It is part of normal development as a child reaches their teens to start seeking information and influence outside of the immediate family and even though you may know this stage is coming, it can take a huge emotional tole on all involved when it becomes your reality. Even if things are going fine it is a healthy thing for a parent to seek professional support for their child when it comes to helping them make the hard choices in life such as career and lifestyle choices. The coaching style I provide looks at the hole person and considers their complete wellbeing, physical, emotional, financial and social when I help them design future aspirations.

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I can help your child

Beating anxiety, stress.

Learn to develop good, safe relationships.

Plan their career.

Achieve education targets with less stress.

To feel secure within themselves self.

Balancing education, and personal life.

Make healthy choices.

Develop communication skills.

Growing resilient.

Apply creative solutions.

Develop their emotional intelligence.

I can help you to

Understand your child better.

Control your own anxiety and fears.

Learn how to support your child’s changing needs.

Handle conflict.

Communicate better.

Take care of yourself.

Develop positive habits.

To feel confident in your child future.

Starting Program

I only work with people ready to make the commitment to change.

Time around one month.

4 hours of zoom time.

Email support.

Personalized content.

Experienced life coach guidance. 

Downloadable Worksheets.

Expect to do some homework.


Free Consultation

20 minutes

Preferably via Zoom.

You get to know me.

I get to know you.


Lets talk about solutions for your child future.

Customized Service

Parental consent form for under 18's

3/1 hr.  split child parent zoom time

You can buy additional hours.

£200 hr.

Discounts for block bookings

Free 5 days coaching

 Self care often gets neglected in a parents life, let me help you learn the quickest and easiest way to start adding some wellbieng habits into your day with 5 days of free online coaching. In conjunction with behavior scientist BJ Fogg PhD of Stanford University

and Tiny Habits®