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Life Coach

Gavin Taylor

 Hi! I am Gavin Taylor, and I am a life coach, mindfulness teacher, therapeutic care worker, and a behavior change expert.

I have helped people beat their drug addictions, overcome social anxiety, understand their feelings, learn to live within their community, make better choices, get through PTSD, come to terms with physical disabilities, gain confidence, choose and get into university, change careers, sustain healthier habits, build better relationships, and become happier and more resilient in life.


After years of experience working with people with a variety of needs, I now specialize in creating positive life plans and developing motivation by looking at meaning, purpose, and values to create and achieve goals that are client-centred.


Coaching is a collaborative and supportive way of gaining knowledge and developing skills, and the thing I love is seeing the creative ways my clients apply these to their lives, dreams, and ambitions. People develop best when they feel good, which is why I like to have a sense of play and positive support in our work.

Working with me, people find not just enlightenment but also fun.

My Journey

I have had an interest in mental health and wellbeing since my youth. Even with fantastic parents and top-class education, I suffered two deep and long depressive episodes. One had me drop out of university, and the second one changed my career path, social circles, and complete outlook on life.

Over 14 years ago, when I joined a charity that specialized in personal development through taking people to the sea on sailing ships, I started helping people develop their wellbeing by moving past their anxiety, fears, and limiting beliefs. The sea is a very alien environment for most and about as close to going into space as most people can get without leaving the planet. This brings people’s strengths and weaknesses to the surface, which is where my life coaching work began. Working for a charity had its advantages. For one, I managed to train in some of the best life coaching organizations, which normally only top executives can afford, and I applied this knowledge along with the knowledge of the many different organizations I have worked with into real-world practice while living and working alongside my clients.


I started off working with young people, but over the years, my client base got older, and as I grew my volunteer community, I noticed a lot of them were young professionals taking a career break and looking for a new purpose, which prompted me to develop more skills to help them decide on a new direction in life.

A few years ago, I took a career break for a year and walked across Spain while contemplating what would be next in my personal journey. I found that, even away from my job role and some language barriers, I ended up coaching many people I met and came to the conclusion that a coaching temperament is a natural part of me. So, when I came back to the U.K., I started up coaching again and began work as a therapeutic care worker.

So, today I work with people all over the world, supporting them as they learn the skills for a better life. At the same time, I work within my community by looking after girls in a residential care setting.

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