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Lead a Life with Meaning

Stones of Meaning

Research shows that people with a strong sense of purpose live longer and happier, sleep better, and are less prone to mental illnesses, heart diseases, and strokes. A strong sense of purpose gives you a reason to get up at the start of each day and provides you priorities and direction in life that you find fulfilling.

Life Design

What do you really want from life? More money, a better job, a bigger house, a healthy body, a loving relationship, or to see the world? Probably a combination of all these. Plus, a bit more happiness would be nice. You likely have an idea of how you are going to achieve your goals, but do you have a solid plan? And what happens if you put in all the years of effort only to find what you thought you wanted is a disappointment or at the expense of something else?


Most people only ever have the vaguest idea of what they truly want. Very few people get anywhere near their ideal, happy life, and they end up feeling like dust being swept away in the tide of life. If you are questioning your direction or feeling that there may be something missing in your life, it is totally okay. This program will help you define your core values and find your personal purpose in life.

Road Crossing
Wandering Traveler

Find derection

Working with me, we will start by examining where you are in life right now, your values, your beliefs, and what does and does not energize you. Then, we will take these findings and use the best design processes to construct aspirations and experiment to find what underlying possibilities you want to aspire to. We will look at what education and career you may want but also look and plan to meet your emotional and social needs. Furthermore, I will teach you the best tools to achieve your emotional and social needs and support you as you start implementing them in your life. Creating focus and confidence, you will be able to navigate life’s surprises and enjoy opportunities while holding onto purpose and direction.

The Program

 The program draws from a variety of models, processes and understandings based around emotional needs and behavior design that have shown great success with thousands of people.

There are several stages to this program. We will look at past success as well as what energizes you and what does not. We will also look at what makes you tick, defining your core values and beliefs. Additionally, we will take some time evaluating your day-to-day life and have a closer look at what is and is not working in your present world.

Once this information is gathered, we will use some creative processes to start identifying your purpose and design a future that aligns with what you truly want in life.

Along the way, we will also explore ways of making you resilient to life's knocks as well as how to start adding new thoughts and behaviors into your life that align with your values, beliefs, and purpose.

What you will take away with you.

After you finish this program, you will have a strong sense of who you are and what your priorities are in life. You will have a solid plan of the things you want to aspire to in life and have the skills to start attaining them. You will find your energy and positivity are boosted as well as able to weather the bumps in the road that life throws at you.

You will be able to see what is truly wasting your time and be confident in the decisions you make, as they will direct you in alignment with who you truly are.

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Online program

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Bespoke Service

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Flexibility of services on offer.

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