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Mindfulness has been shown to combat stress, anxiety and uplift the overall quality of life, making you more resilient to future events. I teach mindfulness as a stand alone program as well as leading onto other positive neuroplasticity training skills that complement and create a well rounded personal development program.

8Week Program

This program introduces the fundamental skills of mindfulness in weekly sessions one to one or in group settings. Developed by The UK Collage Of Mindfulness Meditation the program is well researched and has similarities to MBCT and MBSR but is a lot more user friendly. 

Over the 8 weeks you will be supported by me to develop mindfulness skills and apply them to your day to day life. You will learn that mindfulness is not just meditation but a way of thinking that can be used throughout your day.

Benefits research has shown of mindfulness practice:

  • Stress reduction

  • Reduction in anxiety

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased focus

  • Physical and emotional pain control

  • Better sleep

  • Improvement of overall well-being

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In Person Oxfordshire Group

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Positive Neuroplasticity
Building Internal S

 The same way that gratitude training can change a state into a trait by building new neural pathways we can do the same with other wanted traits such as empathy, resilience and happiness. This is a mix of mindfulness, behaviour science and using the HEAL process to intentionally build internal resources.

Offered as one to one training please get in touch if you would like to discuss further. 

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