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Gavin Taylor

Life coach

for stress and anxiety

Creating positive futures

I coach to overcome stress, anxiety, develop emotional well-being and plan a better future that they want.

I teach the latest tools to develop well-bieng and create habits that boost your resilience, so you have control of your life. I support people in planning a resilient life that is balanced and fulfilling to them.

  • control your emotions.

  • boost your confidence

  • learn habits for success

  • grow resilience

  • feel hole

  • beat anxiety

  • control stress

  • manage the workload

  • become unstuck

  • become more fulfilled

  • be happier

  • be supported

life Purpose
  • clarify goals

  • refine your values

  • gain direction

  • define your career

  • learn tools for succsess

  • gain fresh perspective

  • know what you want in life

  • create your vision for your future

  • take the next step with confidence

under 18
  • Same wellbeing service

  • same life design service

  • but a little more education focused

  • you will be coached not lectured

  • be treated as an adult

  • learn things most people my age don't know

  • Info for parents too.

Image by Andrei Mike

I focus on working with young professional millennials as I love working with people with energy, aspirations and a lust for life, as well as helping people reclaim it.

 It can be hard finding the right balance between social, personal and work life and with money pressures adding to all this. The pressure on young professionals are larger than ever and when you take into account we are more aware of environmental and political concerns which are even harder to control it is no surprise anxiety, stress and depression are on the rise. It is not at all unusual with all of this to start questioning if you are on the right path to get the most out of life or to start deeply questioning what is a better life and how do I get their without giving myself a hernia. Well it is all OK I will help you get a firm grip of your situation and build a fulfilling vision for your future that is achievable. You do not have to work it all out on your own, I will to support you and teach you the latest tools so you can bounce in a direction you want for a better life. It is seeing how people like you, creatively apply what I coach to their lives for positive change that makes me grateful for working with you.

Some of my Values, Beliefs and ways of working

My clients are capable even when they may think they are not


The map is not the territory (Our interpretation of the world is unique to ourselves.).


All behavior has a positive intention,


 Play, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy.


Emotions create behaviors.


Meeting our emotional needs leads to a better life.

Free 5 days coaching

Let me teach you the best way to create new habits quickly and easily with 5 days of free online coaching in conjunction with behavior scientist BJ Fogg PhD of Stanford and Tiny Habits®

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