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Bad Habits

Behaviour science for unwanted habits

Take control of your diet, drinking, late night TV binging or any other niggling behavior or "bad" habit.

Does changing your bad behaviors seem like something you fail at over and over, I bet you have tied before with some success to start with, then before you know it you have dropped back into doing the things you know you do not want to or should not do. Are you hesitant to even try to change as some where in the back of your mind you know you will fail, so why waste your time and energy?

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It definitely used to feel that way for me. Especially because when I used to try and change my life for the better, even when following whatever new program from the latest book or taking another online course, it always felt like I would start with energy filled with the hope and promise of change but this soon died away, as did my willpower, and my new habits did not last for long. These failures made me feel even worse than I did before, and I often felt like I was chasing my own tail. It filled me with frustration as I was bombarded with well-meaning advice from friends, going why don’t you just do this or that which was on top of the bombardment from the media of what a perfect life should be, what was good and what is bad. Do you understand that agitation?

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I want you to know it does not have to feel like that, creating the life you want and taking control of your own behavior can be done in simple steps that are easy to implement and will build your energy and resilience for future changes. When I learnt about Tiny Habits I was already on my way to changing my life but implementing the tools of BJ Fogg PhD tipped my confidence and internal strength to get a firm grip and understanding of how to take control of my life. I found understanding behavior science and applying the small steps into my life gave me a solid grounding to change instead of the more abstract ideas that I have followed before. I found changing my diet enjoyable, setting new routines for exercise became reliable and I am confident in changing anything in my life now, I am also told I am a lot happier person to be around. I want the same for you.

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I deliver a proven program that takes the guesswork out of changing unwanted behaviors and also create new habits simply, easily and with out a lot of internal struggle. Using the Tiny Habits method while being supported by me will help you untangle the starting point to unravel your unwanted habits in a proven step by step method in a way that will not overwhelm you. This process has been used by thousands of people with great success and I have developed a neat simple way to deliver it to you. No guilt and no feeling bad, I will be there to support you, help you feel good and celebrate your successes along the way.

Some often reported long lasting benefits from tackling your unwanted behaviors with me.
  • Grow your self esteem.

  • Eat smart without having to slave away at a fad diet.

  • Stop excessively drinking.

  • Stop sleeping in.

  • Create a positive morning routine.

  • Grow your resilience.

  • Create healthy boundaries.

  • Develop better relationships.

  • Become more productive.

  • Improve your energy level.

  • Feel in control.

  • Become happier.

Even if you do not think you have the willpower or the time and energy to change you will fined the process I will teach you that you will not need much willpower to benefit from it.

This process does not even have to take much of your time or energy as I have a new program to drip feed you the steps for change day by day which will give you plenty time to try them out. By the end of the program you will have eradicated some bad habits and created some positive new ones, but you will also have an in depth knowledge of Tiny Habits that you can use for the rest of your life, not just for yourself but you can then apply with your loved ones to help them change easily and effectively.

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Online program

Learn to untangle you bad habits over this 3 week program.

Based on Tiny Habits and behavior science.

Personalized email coaching.

New to Tiny Habits please take the free 5 day program first.

Coming soon

Bespoke Service

One to One zoom coaching.

Dedicated support.

Unlimited email support.

Flexibility of services on offer.

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