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Feeling that your world is out of your control is the main reason for feeling stress, anxiety or just plain stuck.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, burnt out and stressed in life, there is a massive amount of self help books, blogs and websites telling you about CBT, mindfulness, gratitude and a mind boggling number of other strategies that claim to be the miracle cure. You maybe still thinking which one is right for me or you may or tried some out with varying success. Maybe you found it hard to keep whatever practice up or found that the results you were wanting just did not turn up.

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Perhaps you are just not as good as everyone else, stupid even, that’s what I felt like at times. It is easy to get to the point where you think, well this is life I will just put up with it, I am who I am and I can’t change or change the world around me. I even used to use other people as an excuse not to change, telling myself this person needs this from me which is taking a lot of my energy but they really need me so I will put off getting my own needs met till later, which meant I never got round to looking after myself. That tore me up more as I knew that I should be doing something about taking care of myself, but I just did not seam to find a stable starting point or willpower to keep things going. Some times  I even felt confused at times asking myself why the hell am I feeling anxious and unable to change, surely I should be able to sort myself out.

Image by Andrik Langfield

I want to show  you can take back control in your life a lot easier than most people think, change can be simple and manageable, and I have seen thousands of people grow in confidence once they learn a few simple things. Stress and anxiety are emotional conflicts with the behaviors that are happening in the world around you. I will help you understand what your emotional needs truly are so you can get them met effectively and healthy as well as teach you how to build these new behaviors into your life and get rid of unwanted ones. 

This may sound like a tall order but there are proven understandings that are not hard to follow and once you have a grip on them can become the foundation of a life you want to lead. I have suffered from anxiety and depression from an early age and have studied all manor of coaching and psychological theories and have found that understanding yourself and how to change what you do can be taught quickly and effectively giving you tools for a life time. I want to show you how easy and freeing it is to be back in the driving seat in your life.

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Learn core understandings and tools that will make taking control in your life understandable and manageable creating a steady base for you to grow from. Learn about yourself and how to change with confidence.

The Program

The program is delivered in small daily email segments so things are easy to learn without taking up loads of your time. This is NOT an automated program but a templated structure that I will coach you through, the more feedback you give me the more I can help you. The program draws from a variety of phycological processes and understandings based around emotional needs and behavior design that have shown great success with thousands of people.

You can think about this program as having 2 stages. Stage one is reviewing where you are now what's going well and what is not, you may already know but this stage will help you examine how that effects you mentally and also gives you a solid foundation of what to work on. Stage two is putting things into acting, the doing stage. You will start to change the situations you do not want and adding behaviors you do want in a way that that is not overwhelming.

Stage 1: Review

Understand your emotional needs.

Learn about your internal processes.

Identify stressors.

Pinpoint exactly what you want to change.

Create a manageable plan.

Stage 2: Do

Break down unwanted behaviors.

Add new skills that you want.

Start creating an identity you want.

Build your confidence.

Strengthen your resilience.

Adapt and change productively on your terms.

What you will take away with you.

After finishing the program you will be in a position to face life's challenges proactively and with confidence. You will have a better understanding of how your brain works and what you need in life to stay mentally healthy. You will also have a strong idea of parts of your life you want to continue working on, as well as the skills to learn and implement what you need. You will have the confidence to change and be able to break down the stress and anxiety in your life and add habits that will boost your well-being. You will also have learnt the tools and understandings to give you a firm base and confidence for further development, by yourself or through other programs.

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Online program

 4 week program.

Research based skills.

Understand your needs.

Grow your confidence.

Create change in your life.

Personalized email coaching.

Coming soon

Bespoke Service

One to One zoom coaching.

Dedicated support.

Individualizes program.

Unlimited email support.

Flexibility of services on offer.

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