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Create a Purposeful Future, Overcome Your Worries, Stress, and Anxiety, and Step into the Life You Want

More Than Mindfulness Training 

 People with a well-defined purpose and values have been shown to suffer less from anxiety and stress. I have been helping people get back on track for over a decade. My coaching and programs will help you take control of your life right now as well as form a sense of security and purpose for the future. Using the latest understandings, tools, and techniques from positive psychology, behaviour designs and mindfulness, I will show you how to create fast and effective change in your life.


i am proud to have supported
Over 7,000
create a more purposeful life

8 Week Mindfulness Training 
Starts 22nd September,
Charlbury, Near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire


Claim back your life

Get things moving, create new habits, get rid of old, unwanted behaviors, build your confidence and resilience, and overcome stress and anxiety with Tiny Habits®.

Compass Pointing North

Claim your future.

Stop bouncing between one situation life throws at you and the next. Lead a life with purpose and value. Free yourself from the insecurities of constantly wondering if what you are doing is the right thing for you and feel the power and energy of leading your life back on track.

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